What are the best Airbnb lockboxes?

What are the best Airbnb lockboxes?
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August 30, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

Guesty says, a lockbox/key safe is a fantastic solution for when you are not there to hand the keys to your guests. So which lockboxes are the best for your Airbnb property?

Here at Zodiak, we recommend self-check-in as an easy and safe option for Airbnb hosts and their guests. As Guesty says, a lockbox/key safe is a fantastic solution for when you are not there to hand the keys to your guests. So which lockboxes are the best for your Airbnb property?

BNB Duck describes a few of the different types of lockboxes as follows:

  • Wall mountable
  • Keyless/Bluetooth
  • Smart lock
  • Padlock Style

BNB Duck describes these as:

Mountable lockbox

A mountable lockbox is a lockbox that you install on the wall/door with 2- 4 screens. This type of lockbox is fantastic because it doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance and is safe and secure. However, it does require installation, it could damage your wall and it is harder for the guests to use.

Padlock lockbox

A padlock lockbox is a portable lockbox that the guest presses/dials to open the door. You can attach this lockbox to anything, and it doesn’t leave any damage. Unfortunately, this type of lock is less attractive, there is a higher chance of theft, and it is unable to be used if you don’t have anything to attach it to.

Smart lock

An Airbnb Smart lock is a mounted lockbox that does not require the use of keys, and you can change the code directly from your phone and track when your guest's check-in and check-out. The downsides of this type of lockbox are that they are more expensive than the traditional lockbox, they require installation, and the batteries need to be replaced every few months.

Keyless/Bluetooth lock

A keyless/BlueTooth lock works the same as a smart lock, but without the wifi. Therefore, your guests do not need keys or wifi in order to unlock the door, and no codes are needed. Guests just need to press an ‘unlock’ button, and they’re in! However, the cons are each set of guests must download an app in order for the lockbox to work, older guests may not understand Bluetooth, and if a guest's phone runs out of battery, then they can not unlock the door (unless there is a backup solution).

Which lockbox should you use?

Airhost recommends the Kidde Push-Button lockbox as their top pick for an Airbnb lockbox. Although this lockbox is a bit pricier than other lockboxes ($45.34 AUD) and has to be mounted somewhere, they recommend it because:

  • It is highly durable
  • Constructed solidly.
  • You can set a code using any length of numbers.
  • This product has been reviewed and approved by a professional locksmith.
  • Made by a top-quality retailer.


Here at Zodiak Management, we use secure check-in stations located in the CBD where guests can pick up the keys on their check-in date. This way we can keep our client’s property and possessions safe. But you are welcome to use any type of lockbox that best suits your property and needs. And if you don't want to manage your guest's check-in and check-out and all the other processes involved in Airbnb Management, make sure you check out Zodiak Management. We'd love to manage all of that for you so you can be left with the fun stuff, a stream of income to spend on what you want when you want it!

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