What is the setup/onboarding process?

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Once you have fully furnished the property according to the list of requirements in the management agreement, then we can start our onboarding process which includes: 1. Pick up the keys, complete the initial inspection and the cleaning inspection (free, done by your Account Manager and the Housekeeping Manager)
2. Initial setup clean (we front this cost and charge you only once your property is earning an income)
3. Professional photography (we front this cost and charge you only once your property is earning an income)
4. Create the listings on all major booking websites and create the guest manual (free, done by your Account Manager)
5. Set the pricing and open the calendar for bookings (free, done by your Account Manager)
6. Introduction email sent to you with important contacts, the property photos for you to keep, and your login details to our channel management software.

Do you take a security deposit from guests?

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Yes, we place a hold on a security deposit amount before guests are sent the check-in details, and this hold is released once the guest has checked out of the property and we’ve completed our post-checkout inspection.

Can you accommodate back to back bookings, same day reservation requests and 1 night stays?

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Yes, our operations processes are smooth as silk and we can accommodate last minute and same day check-in requests, as well as back to back cleans even for large properties. We even accommodate 1 night stays to maximise your occupancy rate and increase your returns.

Can I use the property myself?

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Yes, you will receive a login for our channel management software where you can see all the vacant dates for your property, and you can block off dates for your own use there or just email us to block them off for you. We don’t charge the nightly rate or management fee for your own use of the property, and we will just deduct the cleaning fee from your next monthly payout. We will clean the property as usual after you checkout to get it ready for the next guests.

What does my involvement need to be as the property owner?

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Zero involvement on your part is needed! Our job is to make your property totally hands-free for you - you just need to check your emails for the statements once a month, and double check we’ve paid your earnings to your bank account (paid on time, every time). We have property owners all over the world so our service needs to be 100% hands-free.


What is the occupancy rate target for my property?

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For a studio and one bedroom, we aim for an 85% occupancy rate for the year on average. We aim for 80% for a two bedroom, 75% for a three bedroom, and 60-70% for a luxury property. We continually adjust the pricing to hit these targets, ensuring we are always charging as much as guests are willing to pay at every time of year.

Does Zodiak set the nightly prices or do I?

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We set the nightly prices for your property using an AI pricing software (similar to what a hotel or airline will use). The software uses the minimum and average prices we set, and sets the actual advertised price based on the demand for that particular night. It scans other accommodation providers in Auckland to know when demand is high and low, and this is how we can always be priced correctly (so it will pick up high demand nights as well such as for concerts/events etc.). We revise the pricing multiple times per week as well to make sure we’re hitting our occupancy rate target for your property.

How much more income can I earn compared to the long-term rental rate for my property?

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Our clients earn an average of 52% more income when compared to the LTR rate after all fees. Our highest performing properties earn 80-100% more after all fees.

Does Zodiak charge their management fee on any maintenance organised?

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No, we do not charge our management fee on top of maintenance repairs or costs. We pass on any maintenance costs to our clients at cost and this is simply deducted from your next monthly earnings summary so you don’t have to worry about payment.

Who pays the cleaning fee?

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Guests pay a cleaning fee per booking on top of the nightly rates. The cleaning fee covers the bed linen, towels and restocking amenities so owners don’t have any extra costs regarding housekeeping.

Short-Term Rental Market

How much more could I expect to earn when compared to long-term rental?

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Accommodation prices vary during the year. During the high season, (November through to the end of March), accommodation prices are generally very high and you can expect to easily be earning 60 – 100% more than usual rental rates. In low season (from April until the end of October), you can still expect to be making slightly more than usual rental rates after costs. Check out our Airbnb Calculator for an estimate or get in touch for a more accurate property assessment of your apartment.

What are the benefits of short term rental?

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There are many benefits to renting your apartment on the short-term rental market besides the increased income:
By having the property constantly cleaned and inspected after every stay, your investment will be much better maintained and wear and tear will be greatly reduced. Any problems will be spotted and fixed before they become a major issue, and all of this will be taken care of for you by us. Another benefit is that guests treat the property with much better care than a regular tenant usually does. This is because they want to maintain a good relationship with us (their hosts) as they are also looking for a great review from us. Furthermore, the constant turnover of guests will mean that there is no such thing as a nightmare tenant that you’re locked into an agreement with for an extended period. Any guests not obeying the house rules set out in the guest manual can be asked to leave and fined for not following the rules.

What kind of occupancy rate can I expect?

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We aim for an 85% occupancy rate for the entire year and this is very achievable. In high season, occupancy rates sky-rocket to above 90% as well so this more than makes up for the lower income received in the low season.

Where is best for short-term rental?

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Most suburbs work well but the best performing suburbs are the CBD and the surrounding central suburbs as there are a lot of business travellers that come here, as well as tourists (local and international). Besides the location, the most important aspect is the quality of the property so this is why we manage only above-average properties. If you’d like a list of the best performing CBD apartment buildings for short-term rental for free to help you purchase the right property for Airbnb, then send us an email to sales@zodiak.co.nz.

What’s the tourism industry like in New Zealand?

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Tourism was NZ’s fastest growing and largest export industry pre-Covid (worth $40.9 billion), and NZ’s second biggest industry overall (behind dairy). This shows you the massive potential the industry has, and it will most likely continue to grow after it has fully recovered from the Covid impact (at the end of FY22, the tourism industry was worth $26.5 billion).

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