Ways to Level Up Your Airbnb

Ways to Level Up Your Airbnb
Airbnb Advice
October 5, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

Renting a holiday home is quickly becoming the way to go for those needing a little extra
money. While they’re not a new idea, Airbnb has paved the way for a new surge in popularity.

Giving your property that extra Airbnb feel is also easier than ever.

To that end, here are five top tips for offering your clients that new holiday experience.

  1. Spring Cleaning

    This might be obvious, but having a deep clean before you list your property is the first thing that
    will get your clients buzzing. Not only is it expected, it’s also hygienic. Giving all the rooms in
    your property (especially the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms) a deep clean is essential to
    ensure your clients get a quality stay.

    By vacuuming, scrubbing and sweeping your house from top to bottom, you’re setting your
    listing apart from the others. It shows not only pride in your home, but also pride in how your
    guests feel about their holiday.

    Even though Airbnbs are self catering, you shouldn’t expect customers to have to clean their
    linen, bedsheets or dishes immediately after they arrive. Make sure your rooms are looking and
    smelling nice; your clients will thank you for it.
  2. Include Breakfast

    Breakfasts are often included in hotel and motel packages, and Airbnbs should be no exception.
    To provide the best for your guests, make sure milk is in the fridge, bread in the pantry, and
    basic breakfast foods like cereal and spreads on hand.

    Though guests might often buy their own breakfast, or provide it, providing this option leaves a
    good impression on you as a host. It will also be especially appreciated first thing in the
    morning; because who has time to fuss over breakfast when they’ve just woken up?
  3. Prep Your Instagram

    An Instagram worthy Airbnb is a great way to advertise, and having beautiful furniture and a
    clean space (see above) makes all the difference for you as a host.

    Interesting pieces might be hard to find and arrange, but you can take what you have on hand
    and rearrange them to suit your property’s needs. Furniture that is perfectly arranged according
    to room and size is crucial to each room’s comfort and function.
  4. Be a Helpful Guide

Being a local guide, or even providing one if you can't assist, is a great addition to any Airbnb
listing. Having a guide is especially helpful to tourists, or locals who haven’t had much time in
your neighbourhood before.

Print out leaflets pointing out areas of interest, such as restaurants, cafes and ideal holiday
spots. This will not only level up your Airbnb game, it will demonstrate to your guests that you
care about their needs beyond the essentials.

  1. Include all Amenities

    Amenities are essential for any hotel, and your Airbnb is no exception. Give your guests a lovely
    surprise by replacing those old bars of soap with a more luxury brand.

    Providing your guests with crockery and cooking utensils are also essential to any Airbnb listing.

    Since Airbnbs are self catering, your guests will want to use your crockery and cooking
    equipment for all their meals.

    You can step this up by simply buying cheap matching cooking sets, such as matching cutlery,
    plates, bowls, etc.

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