Top Performing Airbnbs in Auckland

Top Performing Airbnbs in Auckland
Airbnb Advice
May 3, 2023
Stefan Nikolic

Analysis of our Top 30 Short-Term Rental Properties

Have you ever wondered if your property will perform well as an Airbnb? At Zodiak, we manage a variety of different properties for a variety of different clients. Some owners use our service because they want income while still being able to use their property themselves at times, and other owners use our service to maximize the rental returns of their investment. 

All of our owners - that's 100% - earn more than the tenancy rental rate for their properties after all fees are deducted. On average, Zodiak clients make 52% more than the tenancy rental rate for their property after all expenses. Our top-performing properties earn over 100% more with us after fees than they could achieve in the long-term rental market. 

That's pretty good! We analyzed our top 30 managed properties recently and found that they earn an average of 75% more than the tenancy rental rate after all fees, so what features do these properties share in common?

The number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms:

57% of our top 30 performing properties are two-bedroom apartments or units – these seem to achieve the highest returns on Airbnb compared to the tenancy rental income. 23% are one-bedroom apartments, and 20% are three-bedroom plus apartments or houses. 

The number of bathrooms seems less critical as 50% of the top-performing properties have one bathroom, and 50% have two. However, two and three-bedroom properties with two bathrooms perform better than one.


Parking is a significant amenity for both tourists and corporate travelers, and 63% of our top 30 properties have at least one parking space available for guests to use. Having a parking spot means that the listing will appeal to a more significant number of potential guests online, resulting in more clicks, a higher ranking in the search results, and, therefore, a higher nightly rate. 

Owner Use:

Although it is convenient to use your Airbnb property for your visits to Auckland, this has a significant impact on the financial performance of the listing. Of our 30 top-performing Airbnb properties, 63% of owners have yet to use their properties for their visits, and 37% used them very infrequently (less than two weeks per year). Properties where the owner stayed for more than two weeks per year didn't make it to the top 30 list.

Outdoor Space and Views:

Interestingly, 90% of our top-performing properties have a balcony (for apartments) or a deck for guests to use during their stay. This is the most conclusive data point: having an outdoor space will help your property perform exceptionally well in the short-term rental market.

Unsurprisingly, having a view of the iconic Sky Tower or ocean views will attract a higher nightly rate as well – 13% of the top-performing properties have a view of the Sky Tower from the window, and 37% have an ocean view or waterfront view looking towards the Viaduct/Waitemata Harbour. 

I hope that helps if you consider joining the short-term rental market! Don't hesitate to contact me to find out what your property could earn, and I'll send you a free Airbnb Rental Appraisal.

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