Top 5 Post-Lockdown Travel Trends

Top 5 Post-Lockdown Travel Trends
Airbnb Advice
August 2, 2020
Stefan Nikolic


Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky recently claimed that the travel we knew is never going to return. Whether or not this is true, as an Airbnb host, it is important to adapt quickly and keep up to date with changing travel trends so that your Airbnb remains successful. 

Any travel data from the beginning of 2020 quickly became obsolete when the pandemic took over the world in March forcing most countries into nation-wide lockdowns. The new data released by Airbnb reveals a different style of travelling and highlights what guests are now looking for when booking accommodation now that travel restrictions have eased domestically. Understanding this data will help you to keep your Airbnb appealing for these travellers.

So what exactly has changed? Read on to learn the 5 most important travel trends that have emerged on Airbnb in the last few months!

Lower Nightly Rates

On the 8th of July, Airbnb reached 1 million reservations in one night – a first since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Of these reservations, Airbnb revealed that most listings booked had nightly rates lower than $100 USD per night (or $150 NZD), which suggests that while travel is picking up again, travelers are cautious with spending due to economic uncertainty and therefore may not be as likely to splurge on accommodation like before. Due to the reduced demand for accommodation also, many providers had needed to lower prices also so it’s important to make sure to keep nightly rates competitive in order to uphold occupancy.

Nearby Locations

With the recent events calling into question the safety of air travel, many travelers are seeking locations that can be easily reached by car. As Brian Chesky said, we can expect to see a lot more road-trips and less flying in the upcoming months and possibly years. Airbnb have reported that close to half of recent reservations are being made for listings that are within 480 km of the guest’s hometown and more than two-thirds are for locations within 800 km. Including details on your listing about proximity to nearby big-towns and best ways to get there could help to increase the number of bookings you receive!

A ‘destination within itself’

Rural Airbnb listings are also said to have seen an increase in profits with many travellers opting to visit more secluded and isolated locations as opposed to bustling cities. Furthermore, Airbnb reports that guests are seeking Entire Homes that can serve as a ‘destination within itself’ and listings that feature pools, spas or other amenities are highly sought after vacation spots. Due to this, marketing your Airbnb as an ideal place for a ‘Staycation’ could definitely help to boost your bookings.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance

While it was quite common for hosts to do their own turnover cleaning between guests at the start of the year, guests are now willing to pay higher cleaning fees for professional cleaning services for the peace of mind it brings during their stay.

While you don’t necessarily need to bring in professional cleaners, it is essential that you are maintaining strict cleaning protocols between turnovers as outlined by Airbnb’s cleaning guides here. On Airbnb, you can also commit to these cleaning standards by reading the guides and passing a test, which will highlight to guests on your listing that you are committed to keeping your Airbnb safe for your guests. Read more about how to get this highlighted on your listing here.

Increase in last minute bookings

Finally, Airbnb also reported here that they are seeing a large increase in last-minute bookings with 29% of reservations being created within 7-days of check-in. With domestic travel still being the only option for many travelers, there’s no longer a need to plan months in advance since it’s very easy to pack a suitcase and drive to a nearby location. Therefore, if your listing isn’t booked out so far in advance as it may have used to be, don't panic since there is still a large chance of bookings coming through last-minute. Turning on Instant Book is a great way to quickly secure these bookings too!

In the on-going future we are bound to see further changes in travel trends as travel restrictions continue to ease in some countries or perhaps become stricter in others. Keeping up to date with new trends as they emerge will help you to stay ahead with your Airbnb hosting!

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