Tips for managing an Airbnb remotely

Tips for managing an Airbnb remotely
May 12, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

After the pandemic, many Airbnb hosts have realised that it is not absolutely necessary or safe in some parts of the world to host Airbnb guests in person. In the same way that employees are able to work from home rather than at the office, Airbnb hosts have also found they’re able to host easily from anywhere so long that there is a strong internet connection. In order to achieve this though, it’s necessary for hosts to set up a hosting system that allows their Airbnb to run smoothly without them being physically present. 

What are the most important systems to establish before hosting remotely?

Although you won’t be there in person, you need to make sure that you are reachable at crucial times within your guest’s stay. This is most essential during the check-in period in case there are any issues with finding or accessing the property as well as the check-out period in case there is any confusion with what is expected before guests leave. 

Automated self check-in

Self check-in has become a very important option to have available for guests as it allows guests a safe option to arrive at your Airbnb. In parts of the world where there are quarantines or restrictions on social interactions, having this option allows your Airbnb to keep receiving guests if you cannot meet them in person. On-site lockboxes, smart locks or nearby key pickup locations are great methods for self check-in. You can read more about how to set up a self check-in option in this article

Reliable cleaners

Without doubt, good cleaning is the most essential factor of a successful hosting experience. Finding cleaners that you can rely on to consistently uphold a high standard for your property as well as report any damages is crucial for being able to manage your Airbnb remotely. Make sure to invest a lot of time in finding cleaners that you can rely on to look after your property between each guest stay. 

Trusted contractors

When managing a property, there’s no avoiding that maintenance issues will pop up from time to time. This could be from guest damages or from random plumbing or electrical incidents. Be sure to have a handyman, electrician and plumber on speed dial who you can trust to take care of any issues like this for your guests. You may also choose to provide the guests with the contractors details so they can contact them directly. 

As you can see, hosting your Airbnb remotely is extremely plausible so long as you take the time to set up the systems that work for you and allow your guests to enjoy a smooth stay.

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