The Three Biggest Challenges Airbnb Hosts Face

The Three Biggest Challenges Airbnb Hosts Face
Airbnb Advice
August 9, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

Despite a throng of challenges that Airbnb companies are facing right now, an IPO is still underway. The number of shares they are looking at is uncertain at this time, but the move is set to go ahead. Analysis in the travel industry has found that the share prices of many Airbnb companies are steadily rising, even as the pandemic has rocked many rental companies. 

If you’re an Airbnb host, you’re likely going to face certain issues during your tenure. Here’s the rundown on what you might face, and how to prevent them. 

Covid Issues 

Many customers report feeling unsafe in their hotels and motels, not just Airbnbs. With the rise of the pandemic, you’re going to want to make your Airbnb services as safe and secure as possible. 

While the pandemic is still a lingering concern for customers, hosts can implement new policies, including health and safety policies, to ensure harm reduction. 

Being consistent with cleaning standards will also ensure a drastic shift in how your company is perceived. This will not only keep your property clean and neat, but will ensure customers feel comfortable in their new space. 

Encouraging customers to know their Covid test results, and waiting until they hear them before they travel, will also keep customers around you safe. 

Profit Concerns 

Airbnb has reported a concern in profits, particularly as the pandemic started. However, thanks to the economy increase, platforms that provide alternative accommodation services (such as Airbnb) report a successful profit rise set to appear in 2024. 

Airbnb has proved they can make money, even as the pandemic shook up everything we knew. Airbnb’s progression has seen hosts become more comfortable with their roles, and has helped create their trustworthy public perception. 

However, if you’re a new Airbnb host, you’ll want to know how to budget balanced and fairly. New hosts report feeling overwhelmed by profit growth goals, budgeting and transactions. 

To combat these concerns, you should invest in insurance to cover your platform’s costs, including repairs if any are necessary. Also, having a business mindset before taking on a short term rental will go a long way. Make sure you know the basics and beyond about how to manage and run your rental, and how to conduct yourself professionally. 

These are just some of the factors that have helped Airbnb propel their way into the famous IPO agreement. Opening at $146, far above the asking price of $68 per share, the IPO is the byproduct of Airbnb’s successes in the alternative rental market. It is an incredible bounce back from the pandemic, which had devastated the company of their business. 

Since lockdowns have eased, it's easier than ever to become an Airbnb host. With a more stable economy, and the company’s focus on tight management, investing in a short term rental has never been more coveted. 

Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are pretty much inevitable; no matter how hard you can try to be the best host ever, you will run into a few problems along the way. And if nothing does, you still can't please everyone. The way you handle it will say a lot about you as an Airbnb host. 

When you do get a bad review, the first thing you should do is try and act diplomatically. Reacting emotionally will prevent you from coming up with a reasonable solution. Giving the review some thought, apologising and being diplomatic will go a long way. 

Asking your customers how you can compensate if you are in the wrong will especially make your reputation in the Airbnb industry. This shows you can take accountability when you’ve made a mistake, or at the very least are willing to discuss the situation and offer a mutual benefit. 

Ask them what the issue was about in detail, and try to be tactful during the discussion. For example, if you get a complaint about the lack of guest-host communication, you can diffuse the situation by asking your customers what you can do to provide them with better service, like being more prompt with emails and providing some entertainment options to prevent bored guests.  

To handle guest communication more effectively, you could also try leaving several contact methods for your guests to reach you, such as FaceTime, your work phone number, Viber and Skype, etc. This will reduce missing out on any important issues that your customers are facing, as well as help you deliver prompt answers. It will also drive up your occupancy rate and profit margins, as the better you are with communicating, the better your Airbnb skills.  

If our blog was helpful, or if you have any issues or concerns regarding its content, get in touch with us. Also, click here for a free short term appraisal for your next Airbnb.    

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