The Most Wishlisted Airbnbs in New Zealand

The Most Wishlisted Airbnbs in New Zealand
Airbnb Advice
October 23, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

With the announcement of travel free restrictions from Australia to New Zealand, Kiwis and Aussies have long been ready to pack their bags and see their respective sister countries. For inspiration for your next holiday booking, we’ve compiled some of the most wishlisted Airbnb homes in New Zealand. 

Whether you want a house with a panoramic view, a luxury cabin in the woods, or a stylish tiny home in suburbia, New Zealand’s Airbnb selections offer something for everyone. 

The Raven’s Nest Bed & Second Breakfast Farmstead
Springfield, Canterbury, New Zealand

Enjoy a night of Kiwi fantasy in the best possible way: by staying overnight (or longer) at the Raven’s Nest Bed & Second Breakfast Farmstead. Inspired by the legendary Lord of the Rings fantasy series, customers will adore this thoughtfully designed and carefully detailed recreation of Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit hole. 

This beautiful home sits nestled between oaks, swathed in sheltering pines, and its interior is decorated with handmade detailings to recapture the magic of the Lord of the Rings. Perfect for Kiwis and travellers from distant lands alike. 

Stargazer’s Luxury Retreat
Lake Tekapo, Canterbury, New Zealand

Stargazer’s Luxury Retreat is the one if you’re looking for a fancy stargazer’s hideaway. With a luxury view of the Milky Way, your very own private wood hot tub and a toasty fireplace, the outdoor and interior are a perfect fit. 

Indulge in wine and some kai (food) on the deck while taking in the majestic scenery. Or, step outside of your comfort zone to see the lakefront, directly opposite the local church. This luxury retreat is only a short walk from local cafes and tourist attractions, so enjoy the unhurried life by booking today! 

High Country Cabin
Ben Ohau, Canterbury, New Zealand

The High Country Cabin is a stylish cabin in the Southern Alps (located on the South Island of New Zealand). It is inspired by the Blackcountry huts scattered throughout the island, but provides a rustic cabin experience. Boasting fifty square metres and mountain views from every window, you can take it all in from the cosy living room; or warm your bones by the old fashioned fireplace. 

While the cabin does offer WiFi, you won’t want to use it at all. Instead, you’ll be spending your stay enjoying your company, as well as the breathtaking sceneries surrounding you. 

Looking for the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Kiwi city life? You’ve found it. 

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