The Creative Way Airbnb NZ is Thriving

The Creative Way Airbnb NZ is Thriving
Airbnb Advice
October 31, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

After a pilot launch in Queenstown in 2018, Airbnb has officially launched the “Experiences” feature in New Zealand. More than 100 experiences in New Zealand has proved it is a successful endeavour in our tourism focused nation. 

Some of the experiences available include learning the haka from local Queenstowners and making sculptures at Weta Workshop. 

However, it differs from what you’d already see on Google, or a peek at TripAdvisor. Sam McDonagh, Airbnb New Zealand’s manager, has stated that the experiences the company provides are carefully vetted before advertising. It also improves before publishing to go beyond the typical Kiwi tiki tour. 

They’re designed by local entrepreneurs who would like to teach their hobbies and skills to Kiwis from outside of Queenstown and international tourists alike. 

“The expansion of experiences across all of New Zealand will help to boost tourism outside of city centres by attracting more people to regional areas. Experiences are a great way for creative entrepreneurs to tap into their passions and unlock economic opportunities through the platform,” McDonagh said. 

As travelling like a local is important to tourists (mainly out of respect for local customs, but also personal image), the hosts’ knowledge is going to bring heightened experiences, and thus stronger memories than they’d get on Google. 

More access, according to McDonagh, gives tourists a sense of more belonging. “It’s like being an insider … There might be a secret beach that only locals know about. So that’s access to something other people don’t know about.”

Another great benefit that tourists will get with New Zealand Airbnbs is the pursuit of total creativity. This means that creative passions can be more flexibly pursued than other Airbnb countries. 

“People in the creative sectors – like musicians or artists – if they share their home on Airbnb, it means they can focus on what they’re passionate about as opposed to working another job that takes them away from what’s important to them,” he says.

New Zealand Airbnb is itching for other countries to follow suit and paint their Airbnbs with a more creative brush. Combining business with pleasure (the portmanteau being “bleasure”) allows more creative fruition amongst tourists and locals, and gives customers a stronger sense of community. 

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