Reasons why you aren't getting bookings

Reasons why you aren't getting bookings
Airbnb Advice
March 6, 2020


It can be frustrating when you feel like you’re doing everything you can to get bookings, but nothing's happening. To solve this booking dilemma, check out these helpful suggestions, and if you’re still not getting any bookings, get in touch with The Zodiak team, who would be more than willing to advise on how to make you Airbnb property more bookable. 

Rules for guests are too strict

The booking process of many Airbnb websites allows you to cut out guests that haven’t travelled, have a negative review, or don’t have their ID verified by the listing website. If you’re not getting bookings, then you mustn’t cut out any of these potential guests.

You have a minimum nights stay

As shown by Zodiak’s analytics this month, one and two-night stays are very popular on the site. However, some Airbnb property owners have a minimum night stay of 3+ nights, and this means that you are missing out on all the occupants who want a shorter stay. 


If you’ve had to cancel one or two recent bookings for either an important or not so important reason, this can be a red flag to potential guests and Airbnb sites. These cancellations can lead to Airbnb companies pushing your listing way down on the totem pole. So make sure you reach out if the cancellations were under “Extenuating Circumstances," because these companies may be able to get these cancellations wiped from your record.


This is a big one. In order to make sure the price is right for your location, make sure to research other Airbnb properties in your area and what they provide for guests. Then judge how much you should charge for your Airbnb based on this. You don’t want to have your price too high for guests, because people are careful with how much money they are willing to spend. However, you don't want your prices aren’t too low either, because you don’t want to scare off potential guests by making them think there’s something wrong with your property. The best spot is the middle spot!

Photos, listing, amenities

To best showcase your property you’re going to need 20 good-quality photos, an attention-grabbing Airbnb title, a charming description, and a good range of amenities to offer guests. On the subject of amenities, if WIFI or Internet are left unticked, this can dissuade potential guests because let’s be honest, if it was us, we wouldn’t book a place without WIFI. For more information on how to take your best Airbnb photos on a phone and write your best listing title, visit the highlighted articles.

Listing not showing up

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, your listing may not be showing up on the different Airbnb platforms. This can be for a whole range of reasons, including leaving boxes unticked, lack of views, or plenty of competition. Zodiak Management can manage your profiles on different sites and will know how to make your listing pop against all the other options out there.


In conclusion, don’t stress if you haven’t been getting bookings currently. There’s plenty of things that you can do to make your place more bookable, and stand out against other Airbnb properties. With a bit of research, and effort on your part, you'll be getting bookings in no time!

Written by Lauren

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