Optimizing your Airbnb for Quick Turnover Cleaning

Optimizing your Airbnb for Quick Turnover Cleaning
Airbnb Advice
February 26, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

Excellent cleaning is and always will be one of the top requirements for a successful Airbnb. Now more than ever, thorough cleaning is essential for the peace of mind and safety of your guests. Airbnb have also introduced cleaning protocols that hosts are required to acknowledge in order to continue hosting their listings, which emphasizes the importance of getting it right.  

While it may be daunting worrying if cleaning has been done up to standard each time, there are ways to organise your Airbnb so that turnover housekeeping can be done efficiently, nothing is missed and guests are consistently happy with the result. 

Minimize the risk of mess

Can you think of any ways of rearranging your space so that your guests can easily access all the items they may need during their stay? Or are there any areas that you are constantly cleaning between guests where the mess could be reduced by a quick fix? 

If your Airbnb is near a beach, perhaps you could install a foot shower just outside the entrance so guests don’t bring sand back inside with them. Or, if it can get muddy in the area outside you could leave a ‘Please take off your shoes’ sign by the front door. Most guests just need a simple reminder.

Keep cleaning supplies in easy to reach locations so that guests know where to find them if needed. Having a dishwasher and vacuum cleaner available for your guests does wonders in saving clean-up time after their stay. Make sure to leave instructions if they are difficult to operate and always check that they are working! Although some guests may just be messy, the majority of guests will try to keep your space clean if you make it easy for them. 

Create a thorough checklist

Create a list of everything that needs to be checked and cleaned at each turnover. Some items may not be required each time, such as windows or the oven, so these can be left for a deep clean but just make sure to check the state of them between guests. However, you should make sure that any item that is always used by each guest is cleaned thoroughly. 

After you have your list of things to do, decide what order to do things in that will save time. For example, stripping the beds first and putting all linens in the washing machine as well as loading the dishwasher and pressing start will mean that by the time you’re finished the rest of the cleaning, you will be able to remake the beds and unload the dishwasher. 

Outsource to save time

Remember that if cleaning takes up too much of your time, there is always the option to outsource the cleaning to professionals. This will save you a lot of energy and in most cases guests are happy to pay the higher fee for the guarantee of professional cleaning. 

As you can see, simple reorganisation of your Airbnb can help immensely with the clean-up. Aiding your guests to reduce mess and clean up after themselves is the best way to save your time preparing the space for the next guests.

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