How to Take Fantastic Airbnb Listing Photos

How to Take Fantastic Airbnb Listing Photos
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June 16, 2018


When potential guests are searching for a place to stay on Airbnb, the first thing they’re noticing is the photos. Your photos are your first chance to attract the guests you want to book your property, so it’s important that you take care to make sure that you have the right ones. Photos of your property can make or break your success on Airbnb. Listings that have less than desirable images associated with them are unlikely to get much attention. In the same light, the properties with the best photos are guaranteed to get the best results. Getting great photos is key to performing well on Airbnb. This blog post will help you stage, capture and present your Airbnb listing to your potential guests. Using these tips, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your ideal customers and achieving your ideal revenue.

Take High-Quality Photographs

As mentioned, photos are your first and most important opportunity to showcase your property and appeal to guests from all over the world. It goes without saying that you need to capture these images with a high-quality camera. Listings with low-quality images are much less likely to appeal to searchers. With a good camera, you’re able to really display how your property looks in real life. You’re able to dress it how you want, explore lighting differences and really convey how the experience of your property will be. With Airbnb photos, a bigger image is always better.While the latest smartphones do have some quite incredible cameras on them and this may be sufficient for some hosts, the best listings always have the highest quality photos. To get the most optimum shots you can, it’s recommended to use a digital camera and in some cases, where it’s appropriate, to employ the help of a professional photographer.

Blurry Photos Are Never Okay

Just as you should use a good quality camera to take your photos, you should use a good technique. Take care to make sure each and every photo is clear and in focus. Blurry images are never a good look. Be patient while taking your snaps and if necessary, implore the assistance of a tripod or a steady pair of hands.

Take Landscape Photos

Airbnb listing photos are all displayed in landscape in the search result pages. Vertical photos will look out of place amongst the other listings, possibly putting potential guests off. You should always capture your images in landscape mode and upload them the same way. This is also the best way of capturing images of interiors as it allows you to include more of the room in your image. Take a step back and ensure you are taking well-spaced, steady images of each location.

Get the Lighting Right and Bright

Great photos require great lighting. As you take your photos, ensure that your room is as light as possible. Open your curtains and turn your lights on. Work with your angles and points of view to try and capture the entire room. A light room will help you create professional and appealing shots. Try to also make sure you take photos during the day, early morning or late afternoon, as natural sunlight will look best in these images.Just like in real estate photography, you want to shoot from the corners to add perspective. Give your prospective guests an idea of what it’s really like to be in your room and they’ll be much more likely to contact you.

Make Sure the House is Clean and Tidy

Photos are your chance to show guests how your property will be. A messy photo is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Having photos of an untidy space on your listing is a guaranteed way of putting people off. A clean and tidy home is necessary on photo day. Try to keep things straightforward and clutter-free. You want guests to be drawn in by your home’s features so accentuate these tidily. A photo busy with personal belongings and random items can detract from the appeal of your listing. While this doesn’t mean you have to have an empty room in your photographs, you should be mindful of what is included in the image. Remember not to ‘catfish’ your guests, they will actually be staying at your property! The last thing you want is for a bad review to happen because you fooled guests with space or features that weren’t actually there. Your Airbnb photos are your chance to showcase your actual property and the experience of staying there - not trick anyone into booking due to exaggerated size or features.

Sell the Experience of Your Property

It’s important to understand that Airbnb photos are unique in what you’re trying to capture. Remember that you don’t just want to photograph the images of your home, you want to show-off the experience of your home. This means that you will need to consider how potential guests will interpret your images. How have you staged your rooms? How is the lighting? What kind of decor are you using? Have you highlighted nearby attractions?All of these factors can work together to influence a guest’s decision - so it’s crucial to consider them all when taking your photos. A well thought out photo setting can really engage the exact guests you want to stay at your property.

Think Thematic

Themes are a really great way of selling your listing to certain groups of people. For example, are you looking to target couples? Think about setting out a bottle of fine wine with two glasses. Wanting to appeal to business travellers? Emphasise the office space with technology and relaxing features. If you are trying to attract families, show off how many bedrooms and how much living space you have. Careful crafting of your niche will help you draw in specific types of guests, it will also help you to exclude those you are not so enthusiastic about. It’s important to be attentive in choosing your theme as you don’t want to be too specific in the mood you create. This risks putting off too many people.

Points of difference

As you are taking your photos for your listing, make sure to pay special attention to unique selling points that will really catch a guests eye. Take particular care to really show-off what your listing has that others don’t. For example, if your bedroom is full of stunning artwork, put this on display. If your apartment sports a stunning spa bath, make sure everyone knows it. Airbnb was built on desires to stay in weird and wonderful places. While it has hit the mainstream now, unique places and features will always help listings stand out.To have an outstanding Airbnb listing, you want to think about the functional needs of your future guests. These guests should be people that you want to stay with you, so you need to cater to their expectations in your pictures.There are certain things that attract different groups of guests. As mentioned, a couple may look for a more romantic listing or a listing with romantic potential, while a family may look for space, several beds and facilities to cook meals. Taking the extra time to consider these factors can make a huge difference to your satisfaction as an Airbnb host.

Add Enough Photos to Capture the Feel of the Property

A common mistake many people make when creating an Airbnb listing is to only include a few photos in the listing. Photos are one of the main things people look at when choosing where they are going to stay. If your listing doesn’t have enough photos, it’s not going to stand out. Don’t limit yourself to only including photos of the bedroom itself. Try to take several photos of each area of the house, even take photos outside if appropriate. Include snaps of your great view (if you have one) or nearby amenities. Remember to include a variety of photos to adequately showcase the property to prospective guests. Take the time to depict your listing from every angle and you’ll be rewarded with enquiries.Featuring numerous photos of your property and surroundings will allow users to really assess the vibe of your property. You can even include photos of your neighbourhood to show guests what it’s really like. With images, you are trying to convey how it is to stay at your property. The more effectively you do this, the better.

Rank Your Photos in Order of Appeal

It makes sense to rank your photos in order of attractiveness and visitor appeal. Your primary photo should be your hook. Appeal to your guest’s desires with the initial image that will show up in search results and work your way down to the least relevant images. It’s also helpful to group pictures together in a logical way to show a well-rounded depiction of the property.Just because you choose a photo to be first in the beginning doesn’t mean it has to stay that way for the life of your listing. If you’re not getting as much interest as you’d like to be, you can always try switching things up and seeing if different photos appeal more to users on Airbnb.

Add a Description to Each Photo

Add short and sweet captions to every photo on your listing. Describe what’s pictured in a creative and enticing way. You don’t have to tell them what’s in the image, they can see this themselves. Instead, invite people to stay at your property with a little story or anecdote that appeals to your ideal guest - have fun with it!

Things that All Great Airbnb Listing Photos Have in Common:

  • They are high-quality
  • They are well-taken
  • They highlight unique selling points
  • They have good lighting
  • They are clean
  • They are in focus
  • They are taken from tasteful angles

Getting enticing photos of your property for Airbnb can take a lot of time and care, but it is necessary. Usually, the best idea is to get as many photos as you can so that you can effectively convey your properties look and feel to potential guests. However, you don’t want to take pictures of just about anything. Take the time to plan out exactly what you want to show those looking at your listing and snap them tastefully. Investing in fantastic photos for Airbnb could be the most important thing you do during this process - make sure it’s done right.

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