How to stage your Airbnb listing photos to attract more guests

How to stage your Airbnb listing photos to attract more guests
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April 13, 2020


We all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but at the same time, you wouldn’t book to stay in a place that is unattractive and doesn’t look convenient to use. So to attract more guests to your stylish Airbnb, then you’ll need to style and take great listing photos. So here are a few key things to consider when staging your Airbnb. And make sure to check out this previous article, for how to take your listing photographs on your phone.

1. Make sure your house is lit (well)

For your listing photos, make sure you include a few photographs inside and outside your house. Remember to open up the blinds and show off your beautiful natural lighting (but avoid backlighting and obvious shadows). During the day, the best time to take photographs is between 12 pm- 4 pm. At night, give your property some romantic-appeal by dimming the lights. 

2. Don’t be too perfect 

You may think that guests would appreciate immaculate rooms (like the photos you see of hotel rooms) but people want to be able to see themselves living in your Airbnb. To show off your cosy bedroom, take a photo of the bed draped with a knitted blanket, with a cup of tea and a book on the side-table. For the kitchen, open up a cookbook and even include some of your cooking or baking in the photos. 

3. De-personalise your home

Yes, your kid’s baby photos are cute, mainly to you, but as said in the previous point, you want guests to imagine themselves in your Airbnb. So pop those family photos in the trunk of your car and take photos with gorgeous paintings, photos, and other interesting items that you’ve picked up new in-store, or in thrift shops.

4. De-clutter your Airbnb

We all know the saying that ‘less is more,’ and this is indeed true in the case of Airbnbs. A home that is full to the brim with knick-knacks and unnecessary items may remind people of their own (probably untidy) home. Make sure your photographs are simple and de-cluttered.

5. Take the photos at eye-level

To provide the best representation of Airbnb, make sure you take the photos from your eye-level. There’s no need to whip out those camera-shots you may have been taught in media class, a wide-angle shot at eye level is perfect.

6. Make sure things are beautiful inside and out 

It is probably easy to forget to photograph the outside of your property, especially if you don’t usually tend to it. But if your Airbnb is situated in a house, rather than an apartment, make sure to include some photographs of your garden. To stage outside, make sure your landscaping is tidy, and there is an outside sitting/relaxation area and homely touches, such as a doormat and art. 

7. Flowers and plants

Step-up your styling and put a smile on your guests’ faces by including some freshly-brought flowers. As well as this, make sure to include touches of greenery inside your house and photographs. You can include traditional potted plants or be more creative, with upside-down hanging plants or vines.

8. Capture the quirks

Don’t shy away from including photographs of some of the quirkier items in your Airbnb. People love to stay in a place with personality! 


In conclusion, there are so many ways you can stage your photographs (and your Airbnb in general). But make sure to include listing photographs that are well-light, simple, and show off your Airbnb’s personality and livability. With fantastic photographs and a stylish Airbnb, the bookings are sure to roll in! For more designing tips, make sure to check out this previous article.

Written by Lauren Middleton

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