How to Help Your Airbnb Guests Help Themselves

How to Help Your Airbnb Guests Help Themselves
Airbnb Advice
August 31, 2020


While Airbnb hosts used to easily be able to help their guests in person if a problem arose during their stay, nowadays it’s increasingly important for guests to have all the necessary information and instructions in case they need to solve an issue on their own.

Even though you can still always ask guests to contact you by phone in case of any trouble, many Airbnb guests don’t want to feel like they’re bothering their host with too many questions. Therefore, it is much more efficient to have everything available for your guest in case you aren’t available immediately too.

By following the below tips, you will help your guests to help themselves, which will save you a lot of time in the long run also!

Create a detailed online FAQ

In this FAQ, which you can send out to guests before their arrival, you can include what amenities or linens they can expect to find during their stay so they know what they need to pack and what they can leave behind. You can also include where to park so they’re prepared before their arrival. It’s also a great idea to include nearby supermarkets or stores with a map so they can be prepared to walk or drive. You can’t have too much information in here really and it’s best to keep it online in case quick updates are needed.

Leave a House Manual within the property

Guests also like to have something tangible to read during their stay so it's a good idea to leave a physical manual within the property for details that won't change too often. For more information on how to create a great house manual, read our other article here.

Leave labels and fun notes around the Airbnb

A little note left on your appliances can go a long way by saving back and forth messaging for something that may have an easy solution. For example, if the stove has an isolation switch make sure to label it so guests don’t have to guess how to get it working or worse, just think it is broken.

Leave User Guides for all appliances

Make sure to leave manuals for all appliances inside of your Airbnb in case guests have a question about how to use an appliance that you don’t know the answer to. Take note of questions that are asked often by guests so that you can find out the solution and include it in your FAQ for guests to refer to.

Leave support contact numbers for internet or other important amenities

It is a good idea to leave the number for the internet service provider so that guests can troubleshoot with them directly if the Wifi cuts out during their stay. Oftentimes, the support team needs to speak to someone who is near the modem so to save a lot of go between you can just ask your guest to call them directly. If a technician is required, they can coordinate a time directly that works for your guest.

If you follow these simple steps, you should notice a decrease in the number of questions guests have once they’ve checked in. These tips will also help your guest to settle in and really feel at home since they’ll know how to fix any problem themselves.

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