How to be a Good Neighbour as an Airbnb Host

How to be a Good Neighbour as an Airbnb Host
Airbnb Advice
February 22, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

Good neighbours can really be a hidden superpower for creating a successful Airbnb. If you’re not present on your property, a friendly face next-door is a huge asset for making your guest’s stay memorable as neighbours can offer directions as well as local tips for the area. Not to mention that having someone you trust living next door to your Airbnb listing can also save you a lot of headaches as they can keep an eye on your property and let you know immediately of any problems.

On the other hand, having a neighbour that is against your Airbnb can prove to be a real hindrance as guests may pick up on the tension and feel unwelcome in the neighbourhood. That is why it is essential to create good relationships with all your neighbours - and how can you do that? By being a good neighbour yourself!

Below are four tips on how to get your neighbours on your side:

Introduce yourself
A no brainer but if you’ve never met your neighbours before, make sure to introduce yourself to them before you open your doors to Airbnb guests. Neighbours are far less likely to have an issue with an Airbnb if they know there is a friendly face behind it who has taken the time to reach out to them. Let your neighbours know that you will be listing your property on Airbnb and listen to any concerns they may have so that you can proactively find solutions before your first guests arrive.

Set clear house rules for your guests and enforce them
Based on your neighbours' concerns, as well as your own concerns for listing out your property, make sure to create a detailed specific house manual that clearly describes your expectations of your guests while they stay in your property. Also include the consequences for what will happen if your house rules are broken. This could include a fine for things such as damages, noise complaints or missing items as well as negative reviews for inconsiderate and disruptive behaviour. Make sure that your neighbours and your housekeepers have a copy of your House Rules so that they can let you know if your guests may have broken any.

Communicate regularly
Give your neighbours your contact details and encourage them to contact you at any time if any issues arise; no matter how big or small. It’s better for your neighbours to feel as though they can reach out to you with little things that might be bugging them rather than waiting for things to build up over time which could sour relationships. If you haven’t heard from them in a while don’t be shy to check in with them. 

Screen your guests
Even if you choose to allow the Instant Book option for your listing, there are still ways to screen your guests to reduce the risk of allowing troublesome people into your home. By ticking the ‘Government Issue ID verification’ requirement, you can reduce the amount of fraudulent bookings, which are often made in order to have unruly house parties. Furthermore, on Instant Book you can also require that guests have no negative reviews from past hosts which reduces the chances of your Airbnb being booked by guests who have proven unpleasant to accommodate before.

As you can see, there are many reasons why getting on good terms with your neighbours should be a priority within your Airbnb hosting journey. This not only benefits you but also your guests as well as your neighbours. If you want to be a great neighbour you could leave tokens of appreciation such as gift vouchers, baked goods or a nice bottle of wine as a thank you for helping you be a successful host.

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