How to Attract Business Travellers to Your Airbnb Listing

How to Attract Business Travellers to Your Airbnb Listing
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July 19, 2018

When hosts start out on Airbnb, they generally have a picture in mind of the type of guests they’d like to host the most often. For some, these are travellers or tourists with whom they can share stories and experiences with while they share their home, others may also enjoy hosting families or young couples. On the other hand, there are some hosts that prefer to cater to business travellers, for reliability assurance or simplicity. Business travellers are a lucrative niche to break into on Airbnb. In Auckland, to have these kinds of guests repeatedly staying at your property means a steady income through the platform. Regardless of whether it’s peak time or not, business travellers will always be around in the City of Sails. There are several methods you can use to optimise your Airbnb listing for business travellers. Each of the techniques involve setting the scene for these people to imagine staying at your place and promising a seamless and straightforward experience for them. With business travellers, you want to give them that “one less thing to worry about” with your accommodation. Focusing on these tips when starting out on Airbnb or optimising your listing later down the track will help you attract business travellers to your listing.

Your Airbnb’s Location is Crucial

When an individual is on a business trip they want their lodging to be as close to where they’re working as possible. In general, this means that the best location to set up an Airbnb purposed for business travellers is in the central business district of your region. In New Zealand and specifically the Auckland region, Auckland City is the most popular destination for these kinds of guests. If you’re looking to set up an Airbnb that appeals to business travellers from all over the world, this is your best bet.

Craft a Workspace

Guests on business trips are often seeking accommodation that can double as a workplace. To appeal to these people, an effective method is to create an environment that allows them to work in comfort - a place that inspires productivity. By crafting a workspace and capturing it in your listing photos, you’re sending a message to these guests that they’ll be able to get things done in your space. Airbnb hosts should always use their listing to convey the type of experience their property offers. For business travellers, this means a professional and relaxing environment.

Set Up Your Listing With Appropriate Features and Show Them Off in Your Pictures

Much as you may want to set up an office type area in your Airbnb listing to attract business travellers, you need to ensure your listing is kitted out with the appropriate features you think these types of guests may be after. Set the tone with a peaceful resting space, great lighting, an efficient eating area and other amenities that make life easier for business people. Here are the top things business travellers tend to look for in Airbnb listings:

  • Fast and reliable free WiFi
  • Laundry amenities (washers, dryers, irons and even steamers)
  • Parking
  • Printers and scanners

Appeal to Aesthetics With Furniture and Decor

While they may be on a business trip, it doesn’t mean they’re about to stay at the first place they see. Business travellers look for appealing listings similarly to everyone else, they just need those extra amenities to pull them in. If you want to attract business guests, your Airbnb should be decorated tastefully with furniture that invites and implies a comfortable and pleasant experience. Lighting is particularly important to business travellers, so invest in fixtures that will allow you to light each room of your property effectively in a way that mimics natural light as best you can.During your set up, pay special attention to your decor and keep everything tidy with a minimalist approach. Remember that the easiest way to entice guests is through excellent Airbnb listing photos and to put it bluntly, you can’t have these photos unless you have the features that people want and need.

Keep Your Pricing Competitive

When people travel often for work, they will undoubtedly seek out the best value possible on each trip they take. If you’re attempting to appeal to as many business travellers as possible, It’s essential to consistently keep your pricing competitive throughout the seasons, which means you may need to make adjustments at certain times. Optimising your Airbnb listing for business travellers has its benefits, particularly if you’re planning to host during low season. However, it does require consistent effort. To get the best result, you should continually assess the market rate for accommodation like yours and adjust pricing accordingly. In the long-run, taking the time to keep nightly rates appropriate can lead to a steady influx of guests and a positive return-on-investment for your efforts.

Pay Attention to Basic Amenities

Just because you’re trying to appeal to a specific type of person, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your basic amenities. Business travellers aren’t too different from the rest of them when it comes to the finishing touches. As a host, you should still take into account what guests love to see in their Airbnbs. Neighbourhood guides, local tips and even directions to popular spots around town can help you stand out as a host and continue getting repeat guests. You can even go out of your way to sweeten the deal with little treats or gifts. These don’t have to be expensive or complex either, just think of it as a simple way to welcome guests to your Airbnb and your neighbourhood.

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