Hotels in Rural America Earn More than $3.5 billion

Hotels in Rural America Earn More than $3.5 billion
Airbnb Advice
December 12, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

Travel has transformed. Towns across the world have welcomed in their first Airbnb guests after the intrusiveness of the pandemic, including over 1,300 US citizens. Rural towns across the United States have benefitted from this travel revolution, born out of people becoming unchained from their in office chairs and being able to work from anywhere in the world. Planned stays from US citizens have accrued in over 72,000 cities and towns this summer.

These earnings are the perfect illustration for the incredible opportunity that the pandemic has ironically brought upon the world. Though many negative consequences have arisen due to its onset, life finds a way; and what better way than to take this opportunity to travel and work remotely? 

With the average time to get a first booking, it is a perfect time for rural hosts to sign up. 

We Empower Rural Hosts

We support local residents in embracing the economic opportunities that comes with Airbnb hosting, naturally created by the spread of international hosting and tourism. Airbnb has even launched their own academy, aptly named Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy. It is a flexible and interactive educative program that gives new, rural hosts an introduction to hosting. Just last year, the program designed and ran an Academy for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI). This ensures offerings to the Beaufort County Community College, a goal which will hopefully expand the option of hosting to rural communities. 

Rural Community Support 

The Airbnb platform has helped communities use their space to scale their accommodations and create important economic opportunities for hosts and local small businesses, not just in America, but globally. 

In the past two years, the platform has helped destinations benefit from the travel revolution by offering new tools to work with, and sharing knowledge of the industry and how to provide for paying clients. Securing more than 140 partnerships, the company has seen this goal expand and grow throughout marketing organsiations throughout the world, including Canada and the US. 

Additional Income With Farm Stays 

Airbnb introduced a new way to search through their new feature, called Categories. This makes it even easier to search and filter out options depending on your preferences and needs. This helps spread out tourism spots all over the world, giving you even more variety. 

There were more than 72,000 farm stays in 2021 that had been booked. This is an average 40 percent rise in 2019 alone. The typical farm stay host in the United States accrued an average of $10,300 in 2021, proving the potential of additional profit for people looking for an extra source of income. 

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