Guide for Handling Repairs During a Guest's Stay

Guide for Handling Repairs During a Guest's Stay
Airbnb Advice
December 24, 2020

If you host an Airbnb, it is inevitable that you will need to do house maintenance from time to time in order to keep your space up to standard. While there are some routine repairs that are predictable, such as repainting or replacing old appliances, there are also some unpredictable damages caused by guests or by freak accidents that can take you by surprise and become problematic if you are unprepared.

This is why it is very important to establish a protocol for how you will deal with any maintenance issues that arise in your Airbnb. Below is a guide for how to handle these situations so that your guests stay happy and your Airbnb remains in top shape. 

Maintenance protocol:

  • Know who to call - it’s a good idea to have a good plumber, electrician and general repairman who you trust on speed dial for quick and reliable repairs. If you use the same people each time then they will be familiar with the history of your Airbnb’s repairs and know how best to handle any new problems.
  • Routine maintenance list - keep note of all the problems that arise in your Airbnb and make a schedule for maintenance tasks you know will be needed such as appliance servicing, repainting, unblocking drains etc. If these are taken care of regularly then it will reduce the risk of major problems.
  • Communicate with your guests - the most important way to keep guests happy is to communicate with them about any repairs needed in the Airbnb. It is much better for guests to be aware of any issues with the Airbnb than to find them throughout their stay.

How to handle repairs with your guests

Damage discovered after a guest’s check-out

  • Inform upcoming guests - let them know about the issue and what the repairs will involve, they might prefer for repairs to be done after their stay in which case you can have more time to schedule in someone suitable for the job. 
  • Decide whether to repair now or later - if more damage can be caused due to delaying the repairs then it is important to act quick regardless of whether the guests are happy with someone coming by during their stay. For example, a small leak might not be a big impact for a guest but over time this could cause water damage, which is why it is better to repair right away. If guests are unhappy, you can send through compensation but this would most likely be less than 

Reported by a current guest

  • Check if they want the damage repaired right away (they may just want to report it so that they aren’t blamed for it after they check out). To keep guests happy, you could offer some compensation if you feel that their stay would be impacted by the maintenance issue. For example, a guest may be fine with a painting that has fallen down and not being given compensation but if an appliance such as a BBQ is out of order, you should offer compensation even if the guest says the repair can wait until after their stay.
  • Assess the damage yourself - sometimes guests can make issues sound a lot worse than they are. Make sure to check the damage by yourself before hiring in a professional as it may just be a simple fix. For example, if the power is out, the guest may request an electrician to come by but the problem might easily be fixed by resetting the fusebox. It would save you a lot of money just by checking the issue yourself.

Routine maintenance needed during a guest stay

  • Ideally alert guests before their arrival. If your Airbnb is in an apartment block, there may be compulsory inspections carried out in the whole building such as pest inspections or fire alarm inspections. You will normally receive notice for these in which you should pass on to your guests as soon as possible. 
  • Offer compensation if it will be an inconvenience or intrusion in their space. In most cases, guests should be fine for quick maintenance jobs to be done during their stay. However, if the repairs will cause a lot of noise or if it interferes with your guest’s ability to enjoy the space while repairs are being done then you should offer slight compensation.

Although they can be annoying, repairs are an unavoidable part of hosting an Airbnb. By following the advice above however you can make sure that you are prepared and equipped to resolve any issues quickly and keep your guests happy.

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