Getting To Your Airbnb Safely

Getting To Your Airbnb Safely
Airbnb Advice
July 27, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

The rise in platforms such as Airbnb and Vbro have set the bar high for motels and hotels alike. And now in the age of Covid, many travellers are preferring the no contact option of tourism and instead booking a single family room home instead of a more traditional room. 

However, there are some safety concerns that come with the rental staycation experience of Airbnbs. 

For example, while many hotels have security guards and someone at the frontdesk keeping an eye on the property and ensuring a safe check in, Airbnbs generally don’t. Usually, there isn’t a manager or employee onsite to turn to if anything goes wrong or if you have concerns.

Here are some of the ways you can ensure a safe and easy check in experience the next time you go to book your Airbnb!

  1. Think Short Term 

Companies like Airbnb have taken measures to ensure safety, from providing safety checklists to establishing the Trust and Safety Advisory Coalition. 

But staying at a short term rental is generally safe. Like booking any other accommodation, you should be understanding of the risks, such as the neighbourhood and take precautions that you would if you were staying elsewhere. “Many safety and privacy concerns are driven by social media posts”, writes Jeremy Prout, the director of security solutions at International IOS. “[They] usually are not consistent with the overall experience”. 

Dangerous things can still happen, even at staycation and vacation rentals. So you should always diminish the risks. Start by thinking of short term rental stays in the area. This way you can ensure a safer and more secure stay, particularly if you’re bringing along valuables. 

Speaking of … 

  1. Store Your Valuables Safely 

Items such as your passport, electronics and jewellery should always be in the most secure location. Many Airbnbs can manage just that. Since you don’t want your valuable items just lying around, you should consult with the Airbnb host on where the best means of security are, and whether you could bring anything extra to ensure property doesn’t get stolen, misplaced or damaged. 

  1. Ask about smoke alarms

Fire safety is always a major concern when you’re checking into a resort or other accommodation. Many travellers are on high alert regarding fire health and safety, and after tourist deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning, there is little doubt why.   

You should always verify with your Airbnb host if working and updated smoke alarms have been installed, though it should be printed for you to see before you book. In the case that it isn’t, just email or phone your Airbnb manager and ask. 

  1. Get comfortable with the space 

When you set your bags down, the first thing you want to do is just jump back on the bed, right? In order to make the most out of your Airbnb experience, and also get some safety check points in, get a feel out of the environment you’ll be staying in. Walk around the space and get comfortable with where things are in the room, how far apart the rooms are, and create a mental escape plan for emergencies and accidents. 

Build an effective mental escape plan by making sure your timing is generally good: keep an eye out for bolted doors, doors that look like official escape doors, and know where the fire extinguisher and first aid kit are. Checking the fire extinguisher is a good way to make sure it’s charged and functioning. 

A lot of points of entry could be used against you, so being comfortable in the room and knowing where the most effective modes of treatment and escape are will ensure you feel more relaxed about the trip, and get secure about how things are from a break in standpoint. 

Considering the general needs of your travelling companions will also be incredibly helpful. If you’re travelling with children, for example, make sure that there is no glass or sharp objects within reach, and that electronics, if within reach, are fully secured. 

Also be aware of local emergency services: policemen, firemen, pharmacies, paramedics, etc., especially if you’re in an unknown area for the first time. 
If this article was helpful, or if you have any concerns or questions regarding its content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to let us know what you think. Also, click here for a free short term rental appraisal.

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