Encourage More Travelers to Your Urban Airbnb

Encourage More Travelers to Your Urban Airbnb
Airbnb Advice
September 28, 2020

Airbnb recently released data that shows that rural listings were experiencing higher bookings than at this point last year. They attributed this to a redistribution of popular holiday spots and domestic travellers exploring new regions in their own backyards. While this is a good sign for short-term rentals, it does raise the question of how urban Airbnb hosts can encourage more domestic travel to more populous city areas. Read on to learn tips for how to attract more guests to your urban listing.

Emphasize cleanliness and safety

Cities have been given a bad wrap following Covid-19 as many people are far more aware of personal space and therefore are seeking more isolated holiday destinations. Put potential guest’s minds at ease by placing an emphasis on strict cleaning measures. If your apartment is cleaned professionally then mention this in the listing. If your listing is within an apartment block, then make sure to include any protocols that the complex has in place for maintaining social distance and keeping common areas clean.

Add extra features

Post-lockdown data from Airbnb suggests that travellers are looking for a destination within itself. Therefore, adding in a hot tub, theatre room, pool table or other exciting features will definitely make your listing stand out to guests coming from out of town or even local guests wanting a fun stay-cation. If the apartment complex has facilities available for your guest’s use then make sure to highlight these.

Sell your city!

Paint an experience for your guests of what it would be like to stay in your neighbourhood. Let them know where they can pick up fresh bread or where to find the best local coffee. Add in the best bars, nightlife, restaurants, museums, markets, and theatres. Can guests sip coffee or wine on the balcony with city views? Can they enjoy a complimentary breakfast or dinner at a nearby eatery? If so, add it in! This is bound to get people more excited to travel to your city and to your Airbnb.

Promote upcoming events

If a big event is coming up in your neighbourhood then let guests know how close it is to walk to from your property by adding it into the description. If your Airbnb is next to a major centre that regularly hosts events, then you may even want to add it into the title of your listing.

By adding these quick and easy tips into your listing, you are sure to encourage more guests to have an adventure in your city.

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