Eight ways to make your short-term rental stand out in the crowded Auckland market

Eight ways to make your short-term rental stand out in the crowded Auckland market
Airbnb Advice
March 9, 2023
Stefan Nikolic

In Auckland, there has been a surge in demand for properties available for short-term rentals. Research suggests that property owners compete more fiercely as the demand for short-term accommodation increases. The following techniques will help your short-term rental house stand out in Auckland's competitive market:

1. Establish a fair price:

Guests first consider the cost when picking a short-term rental. To set a price that is both competitive and delivers value for money, study the prices of comparable properties in your neighborhood.

2. Invest in quality photographs:

Invest in high-quality photos of your property because they will give prospective guests their first impression. Invest in high-quality photography that showcases your property's best qualities, such as the vistas, interior design, and amenities.

3.  Create a unique theme:

Design your house with a distinctive theme to stand out from the competitors. This is an excellent method to get visitors. A themed property gives visitors a memorable experience and motivates them to write favorable evaluations.

4. Provide top-notch amenities: 

Guests expect a certain level of comfort and convenience when staying in a short-term rental property. Ensure your house has high-quality linen, toiletries, and a well-stocked kitchen.

5. Provide more services: 

To improve the guest experience, think about providing extra services like a shuttle service, cleaning services, or a concierge.

6. Reply immediately to queries:

Promptly responding to inquiries and questions from potential guests is vital. Guests are more inclined to make reservations when hosts answer promptly and professionally.

7. Build a pleasant environment:

Provide a welcoming environment for your guests with personal touches such as fresh flowers, welcome letters, and local recommendations.

8. Promote good comments:

Good comments are crucial for luring new visitors. By offering excellent service and following up after their stay, you can persuade visitors to submit evaluations. 

Having such tips is just a list that you can use. Doing such will make your short-term rental property stand out in Auckland's crowded market.

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