Avoiding the 3 Major Beginner Airbnb Hosting Mistakes

Avoiding the 3 Major Beginner Airbnb Hosting Mistakes
Airbnb Advice
June 24, 2019

Starting out as an Airbnb host can be a stressful time. Creating a listing, meeting guests, cleaning between bookings and attempting to get your place booked as often as possible can take up a lot of energy. Between all these responsibilities, you will also be required to maintain high standards of hosting, ensuring you are delivering a professional service to all guests and achieving 5-star reviews on every stay. Unfortunately, and as with any new hobby or job, you will likely make mistakes.

While mistakes aren’t always a bad thing, there are some areas of hosting that you don’t want to mess with. Learning from an error is always a valuable experience, however, in the hosting position, there are a number of aspects that should always run smoothly. For an Airbnb host to start out on the right track, these 3 major Airbnb hosting mistakes should always be avoided.

Using Bad Photos in Your Listing

Taking great Airbnb photos is an essential component of Airbnb success. Without accurate photos that display your property in an appealing light, you are unlikely to draw any attention to your listing. Unfortunately, too many beginner hosts fall into the trap of rushing through this process and snapping a few quick shots of a room or two. Uploading unattractive photos can significantly hinder your progress on the platform and may lead to significant loss of income.

While hiring a professional photographer is one way of securing fantastic photos of your property, it’s not the only option. It is possible to capture stunning images with just your smartphone if you get staging, lighting and positioning right. By ensuring that you are only posting high-quality photos that accurately portray what your property is like, you’ll perform well in Airbnb search result pages.

Misleading Guests with Exaggerated Information

Writing an Airbnb description and title can be challenging for some hosts. As you are attempting to sell your property to potential guests, it can be tempting to focus only on the positives and leave any possible downfalls out. While you may be renting out a humble apartment or home without all the bells and whistles, it is immensely important to ensure you are providing accurate information in your listing. Failing to mention crucial points in your profile could lead to dissatisfaction from your guests and result in negative reviews - the last thing any aspiring full-time Airbnb host needs.

Airbnb hosts should always let guests know exactly what to expect from their stay. Respecting guests enough to inform them of anything that may disrupt their experience is vital to succeeding on the platform. If you have exaggerated the size of your property, the view it has or its proximity to attractions, there’s little to no chance that you will get away with it.

Having a Static Pricing Strategy

While you may think it makes sense for a nightly rate to remain the same throughout the year, you could be missing out on important opportunities by neglecting to optimise your pricing strategy. Adjusting your pricing to match demand is a fundamental step in successful Airbnb hosting. As you become aware of your competition and movements in the market, you will need to alter your rates accordingly. Profit should be thought about from the very beginning of the Airbnb hosting journey, otherwise, you may miss out on potential income. Pricing updates should be made depending on seasons, special events near you, and even weekends and weekdays.

Avoid Common Mistakes and Start Strong

Starting out on Airbnb is always harder if these common pitfalls aren’t avoided. While you may want to get into hosting as fast as possible, if you are handling this responsibility all on your own, it’s crucial to take your time and ensure every step is taken correctly. By beginning on a high note, you will be able to set the tone for your own expectations of yourself as a host and how you handle guests throughout your efforts.

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