Auckland's Airbnb market: Thriving!

Auckland's Airbnb market: Thriving!
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January 27, 2023
Stefan Nikolic

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. But did you know it's also a prime location for investing in Airbnb properties? Despite stricter regulations on short-term rentals in other cities worldwide, Auckland's Airbnb market is thriving.

According to data from Stats NZ, the city saw a massive increase in visitors last year after the pandemic. The city welcomed over 2.4 million visitors, with a growth rate of 47% compared to the previous years. And as the year starts, about 24% of visitors are recorded. And because of this, Airbnb listings are boosting.

600,290 As of January 2023

2,475,260 as of December 2022

52,770 as of December 2021

56,780 as of December 2020

One reason for the success of Auckland's Airbnb market is the city's growing tourism industry. Auckland is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists, thanks to its natural beauty, cultural attractions, and proximity to other popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. This high demand for vacation rentals provides a steady income stream for Airbnb property owners.

Another factor contributing to the success of Auckland's Airbnb market is the city's relatively favorable regulations. While other cities worldwide have imposed strict limits on short-term rentals, Auckland has taken a more balanced approach. The town has implemented rules to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and neighbors, but it has also allowed for the growth of the short-term rental market.

Based on Inside Airbnb in their December 2022 statistic: "The housing policies of cities and towns can be restrictive of short-term rentals, to protect housing for residents. In New Zealand, short-term rental regulations apply to rentals of less than 30 days. Airbnb has moved many listings to longer stays to avoid short-term rental regulations and accountability."

Another factor is the success stories of Airbnb property owners in Auckland, which are numerous. Last October 9, 2022, Airbnb released New Zealand's Host Award Winners. Take, for example, Susan Taylor, who owns a Loft by the Lake townhouse. Recognized Hosts who have gone above and beyond to ensure guests have a fantastic stay. "We are thrilled to be appointed Host of the Year for Airbnb NZ this year. What we've learned over our time as hosts is that it's the small touches that make the most significant difference. We always message our guests to acknowledge their booking and ask if they would like information on the area to be sent over. Putting a natural person behind the listing, our guests have booked it feel more personable and comforting for them ahead of their stay. We always give a warm personal welcome on arrival and anticipate their needs with kitchen provisions, home baking, backup toiletries, fresh flowers, or seasonable fruit and vegetables from the garden.

"Our key is to think like a guest. Thinking ahead about what would be helpful to enrich your guests' stay, a spare toothbrush, lovely home baking to snack on, letting them know that it is okay to contact you if they need assistance – just being personable and accessible. I love engaging with overseas guests and showing them a bit of New Zealand/kiwi life. Some guests want more interaction than others, and that is okay! It's all about catering to each guest's specific needs."

Another property owner, Becs McCarthy, owns a Stables Cottage that prides itself on being a "home away from home" with a keen eye on the more minor details that leave their guests feeling well looked after and cared for. Recognized as Host of the Year who has gone above and beyond to ensure guests have a fantastic stay. "We welcome our guests with fresh cut flowers in all rooms from our picking garden. These are just a few small touches that elevate our listing to a thoughtful, homely experience for our guests.

"The key ingredients that went into our Airbnb to create a memorable experience for guests include a peaceful rural outlook in a gorgeous rustic board & batten cottage that is light and airy and, of course, beautiful, filled with thoughtful details. We've tried to think of everything we can to make them stay homely and warm, with details such as robes, beautiful bed linen, comfortable beds, a tasteful open living plan, and lovely outdoor furniture to accentuate the outdoor living space. These are just a few details that provide a true country experience to make a wonderful escape."

In conclusion, despite stricter regulations in other cities worldwide, Auckland's Airbnb market is thriving, thanks to the city's growing tourism industry and relatively favorable rules. The success stories of Airbnb property owners in Auckland are a testament to the opportunities available in this market, which can be a great way to supplement one's income and meet new people from all over the world.

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