Airbnb’s Diversity and Belonging Policies Get an Update

Airbnb’s Diversity and Belonging Policies Get an Update
Industry News
December 21, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

To take the next step in diversity goals, Airbnb has implemented a diversity and belonging update to measure executive compensation. 

The new employee diversity data shows that Airbnb continues to become more diverse with each year. The percentage of American Airbnb employees who identify as “underrepresented” minorities reached its highest number since the data was first collected in 2014. 

Airbnb is committed to building a diverse company, and work to increase and sustain their diverse policies. Driving progress and holding the platform accountable for diverse representation, the company has promised to reach all policy goals by 2025. 

Some key takeaways: 

? 20 percent of US employees will identify as underrepresented minorities. 

? 50 percent of our global employees who identify in the gender binary will be women.

The company is outlining the progress of these goals, as well as the steps they need to make them take effect. 

Executive Compensation, and Diversity and Belonging

Airbnb is now including diversity and belonging as a part of their criteria for executive compensation. Going forward, the company’s executive team has 10 percent of their annual equity tied to performance against their teams’ diversity plans. 

Airbnb has reported that “progress will be reported to our board of directors on a regular basis”. Each member has a diversity plan, which is reviewed regularly. This effects the unique opportunities posed by the executive board. These include:

? Diverse representation goals for underrepresented groups

? Growth and development of underrepresented groups

? Development plans for senior leaders

? Diversity and belonging learning

? Executive team ERG sponsorship

An Update on Diversity and Belonging at Airbnb 

Airbnb is also sharing an update on their workforce diversity. The data shows that the company is still continuing to make progress. However, they admit they have more work to do if they are to reach their goal deadline. 

Since June 2022, the US population of Airbnb employees who identified as underrepresented minorities was fifteen percent. This is an increase of 1.7 percent, and the highest diverse representation since collecting the data in 2014. 

They also continue to increase representation of employees in the gender binary. Globally, the population of women at Airbnb increased to 48.3 percent as of June 30, which is up to 1.1 percent since the data was collected. 

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