Airbnb Companies to Let Staff Work From Home

Airbnb Companies to Let Staff Work From Home
Airbnb Advice
September 14, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

Airbnb has allowed their employees to work from home, for as long as they’d like. A new
development due to more companies showing this flexibility, staff can take on their regular work
hours without pay being affected.

Other tech firms who might be taking these work policies on include Microsoft and Sisco.
With flexible working conditions being considered the new direction in 10 years, employees will
have the ability to travel and work around the world, at no real detriment to their paycheck,
position security, and workload. Another avenue that workers are exploring include hybrid
working conditions, which allows workers to perform onsite and remotely if they wish.

Airbnb had created a hybrid working arrangement with their employees since the pandemic
started, but Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, has stated this development will be “a long term

Hybrid working or full remote working gives firms the ability to “widen the net”. Specifically, when
recruiting to tackle skills shortages, hybrid working can be known to improve productivity and job

For employees, hybrid work arrangements can improve their relationships at work, gives people
with disability more job options, and easily improves work/life balance.

However, there are also some warnings to hybrid working. For example, the possibility of “a two
tier workforce of those who have lots of flexibility and those who can't work from home”.
Because of this, firms and companies might need to offer other forms of flexible working for
these individual workers to stop this from happening.

Working from home might not suit certain employees as well. Some employees, may find some
issues with creating a viable workspace in their homes, while others may face issues with being
isolated for a long period of time.

In September of 2021, the UK government issued workers’ rights to request flexible working
schemes, particularly when they start new jobs and from day one. Currently, UK Parliament is
reviewing more than 1,600 responses to December 2021’s consultation of this matter.

A detailed plan following this remote/hybrid working conditions has been issued to Airbnb
employers in April of this year, with actions being implemented to create this reality.
Brain Chesky doesn’t believe workers will stop meeting face to face. He still wants his
employees to regularly meet for social activities, work related and otherwise. These will be structured around major product releases, delivered to workers annually. Chesky is noted as
saying that “creative work and collaboration is best when you’re in the same room”.

It seems that workers worldwide couldn’t agree more. Although working from home is a effective
alternative, hybrid working conditions could be a better way to bring in new ideas and working
conditions, while keeping in line with traditional company methods. Though this is a “long term
commitment” from Airbnb, a hybrid working scheme would be an important way to keep
collaboration, face to face interaction, and warm social relationships in the office.

Chesky sums this up well: “Zoom is great for maintaining relationships, but it’s not the best way
to deepen them. Airbnb is in the business of human connection above all else, and we believe
that the most meaningful interactions happen in person”.

The Covid pandemic put everyone’s work schedules on hold for the time being, but with the
world getting slowly back to a state of normalcy, we might be looking at hybrid work conditions
across multiple firms worldwide.

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