Airbnb Bookings to Set Record High

Airbnb Bookings to Set Record High
Airbnb Advice
September 9, 2022
Stefan Nikolic

With the uncertainty going on everywhere, courtesy of the pandemic, Airbnb rentals worldwide
are still experiencing an incredibly strong travel demand. Despite concern about economic
repression, bookings remain strong with particular references in April and June of 2022.

Long term stays continue to be the highest form of travel, with international and city travel
following close behind (despite a lag in recent years). Airbnb have said that its in its strongest “peak summer season yet”, with investors assured
they’re ready for the economic overtun, no matter if negative expectations arise.

A lot of people might even turn to being amateur hosts themselves, owing to the rise in Airbnb
popularity. While Airbnb is the original founder of short term rental alternatives, companies
worldwide are experiencing similar optimism.

Higher prices have also helped lift company morale, with a surge in the last year worth $2.1
billion. While half of the company’s reservations are only for a week or longer, travel demand is
likely to remain strong. Potential increase in North America is expected as well, with a 37
percent travel increase in 2019 alone.

The company announced in May of this year that they are withdrawing from China, due to Covid
restrictions keeping Chinese tourists on lockdown. While this is unfortunate, Airbnb still has six
million active listings on their website, with similar companies expected to follow suit.
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky believes the company have achieved their “growth and profitability” to
scale for the year, and said that investments would continue in preparation for the holiday

The company plans to buy back some of their own shares, which will strengthen share
prices. At any rate, this action has reportedly increase confidence in listers and lodger allike. Bookings through April to June skyrocketed to twenty five percent in 2018, to 103.7 percent in 2019.

This rise is not only impressive, it’s a sign of the company’s adjustability and quick
turnaround when faced with setbacks. As for the tourist season, 2022 is a record year thanks to the lift on the world’s travel
restrictions. Though the pandemic has changed travel forever, travelers seem to be taking it in
stride: if the bookings are any indication.

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