A guide to Airbnb message templates

A guide to Airbnb message templates
Airbnb Advice
July 12, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

Communication is one of the most important parts of Airbnb management, and it’s so much easier to communicate quickly and effectively with saved message templates. So how do you create message templates to use?

Communication is one of the most important parts of Airbnb management, and it’s so much easier to communicate quickly and effectively with saved message templates. So how do you create message templates to use?

What are message templates?

Airbnb gives you an unlimited amount of templates that you can use for check-in and check-out messages and other messages.

So how do you save your messages?

Here are the instructions Airbnb has given:

  1. Visit your hosting inbox
  2. On the left-hand side, open the folder menu
  3. Select ‘Quick Replies’
  4. Click/tap ‘+ New Reply’
  5. Name your template (don’t worry, guests won’t see this)
  6. Write your message. You can also use shortcodes to categorise your messages.
  7. Choose your language for the message and shortcodes
  8. Click/tap ‘Save’

How do you save your messages?

  1. Visit a conversation you had with a guest
  2. Click on “Use a saved message”
  3. Then a pop-up will open, and you can see your saved messages
  4. Here you can pick one of your saved messages, or you can create a new saved message template

To create a new saved message, you can:

  • Pick the title (only visible to you)
  • Choose the content of the message

How to use a saved message:

  • Once you’ve saved your message, you can click on it and copy it to the chat. You can also modify the text here
  • To add a saved message or edit/delete existing templates, tap “Use a Saved Message” to bring up the palette of your saved templates
  • Even if the house rules and manual are shown in the saved messages, they are included in the listing description and will need to be modified in the listing details. To use this in saved messages, you will have to manually copy them into a new saved message

What are some message templates you could prepare?

According to Bnb Duck, here are some messages you will probably use over and over again!

  1. A booking message soon after the booking - this should be a short and sweet welcome to your property. You can thank them for their booking, let them know you are there to answer any of their questions, and give them other relevant information
  2. A reminder message - thank them again for their booking, and let them know you will send them all the information they need the night before their arrival
  3. Check-in message - Let your guests know how to enter your property, give your address and parking details, and provide the WIFI information
  4. The house rules
  5. Check-up message - make sure your guests are happy, don’t need anything, and ask them if they have any questions. The best time to send this check-in message is the morning after the guest’s arrival
  6. Check-out message - this can be used to resolve any issues your guests may have encountered, remind the guests to leave you a review, plus remind the guests about the check-out time
  7. Other optional ideas to set up as message templates (or in your Airbnb house book) are ideas for attractions to experience in the area, restaurants/cafes to visit, and the WIFI details

What are shortcodes?

Airbnb says these are placeholders that you can use to fill in the guest, reservation, and listing details when sending a message to a guest. Here are some examples of shortcodes you can use:

  • Guest’s name and contact details
  • Guest check-in date plus time
  • Guest check-out date plus time
  • The cleaning fee
  • WIFI details
  • Confirmation code
  • Directions
  • Instructions for check-in
  • Your house rules
  • House manual
  • Guide

You will need to add this information to this listing otherwise, it will display as ‘unavailable’ in the message you send.


Once you get these messages typed out, you will find that these messages save you so much time and effort. You will receive the same questions time after time, so these saved messages make it so much easier to quickly answer their question and then continue with your life.

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