6 Best Neighborhoods in Auckland for Airbnb Rentals

6 Best Neighborhoods in Auckland for Airbnb Rentals
Airbnb Advice
April 3, 2023
Stefan Nikolic

As the entry point for many tourists travelling to New Zealand, Auckland is a fantastic area to host an Airbnb Rental. However, not all Auckland districts are made equal. While certain areas are more in demand than others, some provide more distinctive experiences. In this article, we'll go deeper into Auckland's top neighborhoods for Airbnb rentals.

1.   CBD (Central Business District)

This downtown area has a dense and easy-to-walk urban core-home for many eateries, pubs, and events.

2.   Ponsonby

A hip, affluent area that appeals to residents and visitors. Renowned for its upscale boutique stores, cafes, and eateries, making it a perfect place for Airbnb visitors who wish to experience the hipster atmosphere of the city. Business travelers will find Ponsonby a convenient location because it is close to the CBD.

3.   Devonport

A charming beach community across the harbor from Auckland's central business district provides a tranquil retreat from the metropolis. Since 19th century, residences and structures in Devonport have a long history. It's a terrific place for families and outdoor enthusiasts because it also has a lot of beaches and parks.

4.   Grey Lynn

Another hip neighborhood that appeals to both residents and visitors is Grey Lynn. It is close to Ponsonby with a thriving nightlife, cafes, and restaurants. In addition to having many parks, Grey Lynn is a terrific place for families.

5.   Mount Eden

A serene residential area noted for its breathtaking city views is Mount Eden. It is atop a volcanic cone, providing sweeping views of Auckland's skyline. Mount Eden is an excellent place for those who enjoy the outdoors because it has several parks and gardens.

6.   Parnell

One of Auckland's oldest neighborhoods, Parnell is well-known for its quaint old houses and structures—a great place for art lovers who have an eye for many galleries and museums. Business travelers will find Parnell a convenient location because it is close to the CBD.

7.   Herne Bay

The posh, affluent enclave of Herne Bay is situated on the water. It is close to Ponsonby and is well-known for its breathtaking harbor views. Families and outdoor enthusiasts will love Herne Bay because it has many beaches and parks.

To sum up, these are a few of Auckland's top neighborhoods for Airbnb rentals. Whether searching for a hip, upmarket place or a calm, residential area, Auckland offers plenty to everyone. Owning an Airbnb unit in one of these areas will give your visitors an exceptional taste of this stunning city.

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