5 Best Tools for Seamless Airbnb Hosting

5 Best Tools for Seamless Airbnb Hosting
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May 20, 2019

Managing an Airbnb or short-term rental property is not always easy. There is a lot of work that goes into securing bookings, keeping guests happy and cleaning it up once the stay has been completed. For this reason, it’s always important to keep looking for ways to streamline processes and improve on how a host handles each booking.

With the huge popularity of Airbnb hosting internationally and especially in New Zealand, there are many recommendations on steps users can take to improve on their hosting style. From small gadgets to partnering with businesses for the best financial gain as a host, the buy-in required differs highly from suggestion to suggestion. For the most part, improving Airbnb hosting practices can be as simple as incorporating minor home improvements to facilitate the best guest experience - after all, this should be the primary goal of a host and what will ultimately result in the most success on the platform.

While there is a huge range of ways in which hosts can improve their hosting experience, monetary investment does not necessarily dictate effectiveness. The tools that may have the most impact can be simple changes that anyone can make with a small amount of effort and thought.

Here are the 5 best tools for seamless Airbnb hosting:

Smart Locks

The benefit of installing a smart lock in an Airbnb rental property is exponential. These gadgets can make a massive difference to both hosts and guest experiences during a stay. Smart locks enable hosts to streamline check-ins. With the ability to offer self-check-ins, hosts are able to shave hours off the time spent managing an Airbnb. Not only this, but guests will be able to arrive at any time that is convenient for them. When people are travelling overseas and subject to flight arrival times, this is a common concern. Smart locks will allow a guest to arrive, check-in and leave whenever they need to.

Airbnb Welcome Book

Your Airbnb welcome book is where you are able to introduce your property to your guests and show them around without having to actually be there. This special tool provides guests with all they need to know about the place during the stay. It is here that they will find information such as WiFi passwords, instructions on any technology in the property, rubbish disposal information, and anything else they need to know. Taking the time to really nail down a comprehensive guide will do wonders for guest experiences, as well as saving you time in dealing with enquiries about the property. It may take you a few rounds of hosting before you understand what kind of questions you will need to answer in the welcome book, but, once you get there it is well worth it in the long-run.

Inspection Checklist

When arriving at a rental property for a holiday, it’s easy to spot any flaws or areas that have not been cleaned to high standards. Not so easy, unfortunately, is remembering what needs to be cleaned and paid attention to when you are a host and cleaning up after a guest. If you are managing your rental property on your own, it’s crucial to stay focused during each turnover and maintain impeccable standards around cleaning and refreshing a property. Having an inspection checklist will help you do this. It will simplify the way you operate each turnover and ensure you don’t miss anything during this process. Working through your inspection checklist at the end of every guest’s stay will ensure you get the best reviews and are consistent in each endeavour.

House Rules

What’s the best way to ensure that guests don’t mistreat your property? Tell them your list of no-nos. Too many hosts are light on details when it comes to what is acceptable behaviour in a rental property. As a host, you have the right to dictate what is and isn’t okay for a guest to do while they are staying with you. If you make sure to tell a guest that you aren’t comfortable with certain behaviour, then chances are they won’t do it.

Your house rules are your chance to ensure that you are comfortable with what a guest is doing in your property. It is the best place to outline expectations and the best place to guarantee that everything remains above board with each guest. A good house rules explanation will also eliminate any risk of misunderstandings.

Inventory and Amenities List

Inventory and amenity lists are vital for the smooth running of an Airbnb business. All Airbnb hosts should be aware of what is in their property when a new guest arrives. This will allow you to know what needs replacing after each stay and will allow you to check whether a guest may have taken something in the unlikely scenario of this occurring. Checking on this list will help you to maintain high standards and provide guests with all they need to have a pleasant stay. It will also improve your turnaround process as you will be able to work from the list rather than just working from eye-balling a room.

Airbnb hosting can be improved so much with the addition of simple and cost-effective tools and accessories. With these functional items on your side, you are in the best position to generate five-star reviews and reduce unnecessary time spent on managing a listing.

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