4 things to do before your first Airbnb guest

4 things to do before your first Airbnb guest
Airbnb Advice
September 20, 2021
Stefan Nikolic

So you've booked your first Airbnb guest! This article will take you through 4 things you need to do before your Airbnb guest arrives.

So you’re new to Airbnb? Let me guess... your Airbnb is ready, you have listings on all relevant Airbnb platforms and have booked your first guest? So now you’re wondering, what’s next?

Don’t worry! This article will take you through everything you need to get prepped and ready for when your first Airbnb guest knocks on the door.

So let’s get right into the list!

Let your Airbnb guests know you are available to contact 24/7

As an Airbnb host, you should let your guests know they can text you if they have any questions or call you in an emergency. This should include one or more cell phone numbers that guests can contact you on. You may also want to give them your email for less urgent inquiries. Airbnb suggests also including emergency phone numbers, such as a plumber, internet/wifi person, tradesman, or even your neighbours (if you are not going to be in the same city as your guests) in the unlikely event that this is needed.

Invite the guest in with your house manual

Make sure your Airbnb house manual is one of the first things guests see when they walk into your Airbnb. If you don’t know how to write an Airbnb house manual, you can check out this article here for How to Write a Great House Manual.

But the basics to include in this are:

  • The wifi network and password
  • Contact numbers
  • Any rules for the house
  • Instructions to use home appliances
  • Local tourist attractions
  • The best restaurants/cafes in the area

Clean away all clutter

As Airbnb suggests, you should clean away all clutter and valuable items. Cleaning away clutter will make the space feel more welcome and decrease the chances of guests making off with your property. You should also, of course, clean your Airbnb. Pay special attention to bedding, towels, bathrooms, floors, bedrooms, the kitchen, and appliances such as your microwave. Guests are likely to be super picky if they notice any dirty areas. So they should be! No one wants to spend money on anything less than a perfectly clean Airbnb.

Stock your Airbnb with amenities

No guest wants to arrive in your space to discover they have to rush out and buy toilet paper!

Your Airbnb should include basic amenities for each booking, including:

  • Kitchen cutlery, tableware, hand towels, and washing up equipment
  • Basic kitchen ingredients
  • Oven, toaster, and jug
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand and body soap
  • Basic toiletries
  • One towel per guest
  • One pillow per guest, bedding, linen, and additional blankets
  • Wifi

Check out this previous Zodiak article to discover what Airbnb amenities you should supply and what amenities you could supply (if you really want to).


So once you have these 4 things completed, you’ll be all ready to impress your first guest. And remember to remind your guests about leaving a review about their experience visiting your Airbnb after they leave. As Airbnb says, “Your first few reviews are crucial to your success on Airbnb.” So after your first three reviews, an average star rating will appear on your listing. This rating will have a big impact on your potential for future bookings. So you want to do everything you can to impress each of your Airbnb guests!

So, are you excited about hosting your first guest?

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