How to Write a Stellar Airbnb Description

How to Write a Stellar Airbnb Description
Airbnb Advice
May 27, 2019

Once you have appealed to your potential guests’ desires with your stunning listing photography and distinctive title, your description is where you seal the deal by selling the exceptional experience your property offers. With space to go into detail about your most appealing aspects, all Airbnb hosts should utilise this area by highlighting what makes the place unique and special to anyone who stays there. While your photos are undoubtedly the most important feature of your listing, your description needs to provide important information that guests are looking for in an Airbnb. Accurately describing your property with a convincing description will allow you to secure a booking from those that are drawn in by your feature in search results pages.

Getting Started and Communicating with Personality

Many hosts have trouble writing a convincing and detailed Airbnb listing description. It is often difficult to describe why a home should be booked objectively - especially if you have been appraising the property for too long. A simple solution to this is to assess the most appealing property factors and work backwards. Consider why a person would choose your property over others that are similar and go from there. For the most part, it’s important to keep your description engaging and personable. Following this, you can hash out everything else your guests need to know, for example, information about property rules and other logistical details.

While it’s crucial to include all vital information in your Airbnb description, it’s also useful to stay light and keep everything digestible. Remind yourself that you are appealing to humans just like yourself and that maintaining a conversational tone is a good thing. Almost all components of your listing description will involve considering your target audience and their priorities. As long as you have kept this in mind while crafting your description, you will engage them with your offer.

Keep it Concise, But Make Sure to Include Key Details

Airbnb itself highlights the ‘importance of brevity when creating listing descriptions. This coincides well with the idea of injecting personality into your information. It’s always important to think about the guest experience on Airbnb; their journey in finding your listing, booking a stay with you and experiencing your property. Your guests are choosing to use Airbnb as an alternative to traditional short-term rentals because of the unique appeal the platform has. Maintaining this mindset will allow you to deliver a top-notch service and benefit your overall efforts.

While guests are browsing for a property, it’s likely that they will be considering multiple options. With competition on the cards, it’s essential to grab attention and hold it with your listing. This can be achieved with a short and snappy summary that highlights the main focal points. Subsequently, you can expand on the information in a more detailed description below. Craft a couple of sentences that encapsulate your property’s most attractive features and then work to expand on details once you have captured interest.

Include a Small Write Up About Every Room

Each room and feature your property has is an opportunity to pique curiosity. In general, guests will want to know about every bedroom and living space that is on offer. Depending on the type of guest you are appealing to, this could be the most important part of writing your description. In your information, be sure to include bed sizes and any extra amenities such as ensuites and even outstanding window views. Unique elements are exactly what potential guests want to hear about when browsing listings on Airbnb.

Describe Your Property’s Character and Special Features

Ideally, you’ll do this in the initial summary (and perhaps even the title), expanding on it further with more information in the detailed section. A property’s character is a major selling point, so encompassing the vibe of your place should be a fundamental component of writing your listing. To add an extra little touch, you can draw from a past review in a quote format to showcase another guest’s experience.

Inform Guests About What’s Available to Them During the Stay

Guest access is an important consideration for those that are considering your property. What will guests be able to use during their stay and whether they will be the only ones present is important. If you are renting out an entire home, make sure this is very clear. If you are only renting out a room or a few rooms, ensure this information is obvious. The last thing you want is for a guest to turn up expecting something other than what you have described. This will be the perfect recipe for a bad review, something no host wants or needs.

Touch on Your Neighbourhood and Transport Options

Guests don’t want to just hear about the property but also what’s available in your immediate vicinity. Include information about your neighbourhood, its attractions and appeal, to add an extra boost to your listing. Also important are details about the distance to main town centres and the aforementioned attractions, people will want to know how long it will take them to get to major interest points, especially if they’re visiting the town for a specific event.

Transport options are also key because there is a high chance that your guests won’t have access to a vehicle while they’re staying with you. Public transport, Uber and other ride-share information will be appreciated by anyone assessing your listing. If you make it clear that is will be easy for guests to get around while they’re staying with you, it will be another reason for them to make a booking. In many situations, it is the deciding factor.

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